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Featured Coffee Products

Olson House Coffee is proud to offer premium Hot Air Roasted coffee beans that are picked and harvested at the peak of ripeness. Olson House Coffee is proud to be one of very few companies in the world to take premium coffee beans and air roast them to gourmet coffee perfection. Nearly all other coffee beans in the world are drum roasted.

Roasting a coffee bean the right way can make all the difference when it comes to the flavor of your fresh roasted coffee. Proper roasting won’t turn average coffee beans into premium coffee beans (you have to pick the perfect specialty bean for roasting first!). What proper roasting will do is bring out the best quality in a bean and air roasting brings out a coffee beans best qualities.

Below is our featured whole bean coffees & ground coffees. Olson House Coffee offers a variety of coffee types and coffee roasts. We offer our gourmet coffee online giving you the option to mail order coffee right to your home. Order your coffee online and discover the awesome taste of fresh roasted coffee beans fresh packed and shipped to your home or office.